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Arashi Anniversary Tour 5x10 - Kokuritsu 08-29

I'll NOT do a concert report (because some poeple did some really nice and cool live reports like here by violomana  or here by sumoboy , just go and read them ^^!!), but I'll just speak about details that I saw on today live (2009 - 08 - 29)...

- I was at the front on the arena on the very, not in the midle and I can't face the stage, but that was very nice for some close-up ^___^!
- So, like that, I saw some V6 who arrived at 5:35 (the live had to start at 5:30 but started at 5:40 ^^ a bit late)...So I clearly saw Miyake Ken and Masayuki Sakamoto (I don't know for the others...but V6 was a part of the M.C.'s important!) ^^
- Ohno was very funny... sometime doing the "tsuri mono" likes he was fishing and catched "a fish" with someone on the public...Very cute I liked ^___^!

Some others details...Ah, Nino teasing a backdancer...While the young guy dancing, Nino started remove his T-shirt o__O...that was funny (he is such a little demon)...(I think video camera didn't show this ^^;)
- Lots of Johnny's Jr. sent flying kiss all the time to the audience too...
- For the M.C. I didn't understand everything.... They talked about Aiba who allways speaks to Sakamoto (V6) like if  he is speaking to a Kohai (but it's a sempai)! ^^;
They said Toma was here, some V6 of course and... Nishikido and Fujigaya too!
And after that I didn't understand but they speaked about time when they go outside with others Johnnys... With Yamaguchi (TOKIO) for example....And Nino said "With this other people from kansai...Who speak very loud...Yoko...Yoko....Ah Yokoyama!!" that was really funny!
I'm not sure but I think they speak about a time when Nino was in the bathroom for suuuuch a long time (maybe becaue he drunk too much???!) but I'm not sure...and Matsujun come to help him. I have to find a translation about the tonight MC ^^;;

For the last greatings, Ohno has tears on eyes and Matsujun almost cry too....That was touching!

If I can remember some others details, I'll tell....
Sorry for this LAME "fan repport ^^....but I'm so tired and other peoples are better than me ! (In english AND for making real livereports ne~!)
Anyway, that was a very nice anniversary live of course

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