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I'm such a kind person (I think :p), and I allways want to share files (pictures, music, video...) with all the fandom!!
Recently, most of the fans are locked their enties, put some password on files etc etc, that's become more and more difficult to access files I think.
I allways claimed that's I didn't want to become like that, because I like to share with everybody and I want people to share it again after!...

But here is the story... Recently, I'm tired to see my icons or my uploads "stealing" by others persons with no credits or worst, credits for somone else o___O;. So, I became a bit angry about that and started to said to that's people that I MADE that, so please add a credits or something...It's just a normal thing, no?

So, someone tell me that an Italian blog ( is sharing the Hakei Chichiue-sama OST that I encoded and uploaded here back to 2007 (with NO-credits of course, and that was a direct link to MY megaupload link)....

I went to the Italian blog and let a comment :

It's ok for sharing the O.S.T. I encoded and I puted on Megaupload (you direct linked it) but please, be kind enought to Credits me or my Livejournal because I did all the work for puting it on MP3 and I was kind enough to shared it wth everybody here :

So don't use it like it's yours....


But now, the girl :[info]loonylg send me some PM for telling me that I WAS RUDE o______O;

I'm sorry, but I don't feel like it's my fault and I think it's rude to come to our blog, where we're always crediting for everything, telling us that we're claiming your link as ours. There's a MAIL and a --- English written --- disclaimer, but you didn't even read, just came and accused us without knowing the facts. °_°;
I'm sorry but, in Italy, THAT was rude. >_< XD [...]"

Maybe this is rude to let a comment on a blog in Italy, but for the rest of the world it's rude to take others people's works and after that's complaining that's I DIDN'T send a mail.......>__<!

So, she sent to me a lot of PM for explaining that I have to put my name or my link on the Megaupload page, because if I didn't do that, I don't have to ask for credits after that, etc etc....


So, now I'm so pissed of because I didn't want to argue with her for hours like that, I just want a damn credits or a link back to my LJ!! If she didn't know that was my upload, she could just said "sorry" putting a credits (I even said it's ok for keeping MY link with MY upload) and all the story can have a end...But no, she prefer to said that I was rude....

But now, be sure I'll be less gentle! (è_______é)
I will feel kind of stupide writing my name everywhere like a dog piss to mark its territory -____-, But if I have to do it....
Do you prefer picture like that?

I just hope that everyone can be civilized enough and have enough common sense on the Internet so that all goes well and we could all share files without quarreling ...
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