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Strangers on a train

Today I was at the Tokyo Globe for the Nino's butai 「見知らぬ乗客」 (Strangers on a train)... I had a GREAT time!

I had a very good seat at the 3rd row...Maybe at 4 meters from the scene and from Nino....So I can enjoy EVERYTHING (even Nino's boxer shorts he wore under a dressing gown ^^;).

I have to say that the sets and staging was great!!

I also bought pamphlet and postcards, they are nice, pictures on them are great.

Others actors are great too. Shige Uchida is good (you can see his personal blog here :, Miyamitsu Mariko was so cute and pure and Akiyoshi Kumiko really looks like a Japanese Marilyne Monroe...

Robert Alain Ackerman was also here in the Globe, with his familiy.

Ninomiya-san acting was great...He can play crazy and tortured people very well and we can feel his presence everywhere on stage.
I have to admit I watched the Hitchcock 1951 film before going to theatre...And the story at the begining was exactly the same (except the relationship between Bruno and his mother, which there is fairly incestuous) the end of the play was very different. I want to read the book now ^__^;.

Because I didn't watch anything from this butai before going, even if the (fake) kiss son/mother was a surprise, I was astonished with the kiss between men!!! o___O That was such a great kiss and I didn't know there will be one ^^;! But that was a nice scene.

Nino smokes a lot in the whole play too, but with all the old-fashoned costumes (and hats) he wears is very awesome! All the play is American old-fashioned style, and I loved that style.

At the end they have a standing-ovation (during second salvation) an for the third salvation Nino seems so happy and fans too (strated to yell a little his name). I'm pretty sure he notice me the third time (because I was so close ne~)...
...That was a great play and i really enjoyed it!
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