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Pictures from phone...

Ok I don't have a lot to say... So I'll post some (crapy) pictures, just for fun.

Now we are waiting for the first episode of Smile tonight, and tomorow for the begining of The Quizz Sho(w). The second one it teasing me...I want to watch it ^^.

Photos from my phone :
Big poster for The Quiz Show in front of Shinjuku station

poster of the quiz sho

Some other CM (Shinjuku station again)
Cute kid's drawing of Arashi. The son of a gust from the VS Arashi SP drawn that for cute ^_^!

At a TV show, Yoshiki (from X-Japan) who speak about the Aibo (Sony dog robot) he bought... As his Aibon feeling lonly, he bought 4 of them x___X!! How crazy! (you could see this TV show here :

Ok, next time I'll try to make a better post (much interresting ^^)
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